Friday, November 8, 2013

My Week in Rewind!

Hello Again! 

I am just stopping by to link up with Five for Friday and share a little peek at what happened in my class this week! 

This week we had a lot of fun learning about adjectives. I was inspired by the cute shape monsters I have seen on pinterest and ta-da the shape turkey was born! 

Each student chose a shape, constructed their turkey, and then came up with adjectives to describe their turkey. 
They had so much fun making our adorable little turkey friends! 

We have been working so hard during our writer's workshop and I have been so thrilled to see the progress my sweeties have made. This week we have been working on narrative writing and we started a new book. Here are a few samples...

I am so excited to share this next sample. This little guy has made incredible progress! It was such a struggle to get him to write and on top of that he knew very few letter sounds but now he is loving writing WAHOO!

I absolutely love Deanna Jump's Interactive Reading Journal!

We wrapped up our story this week with an activity from this packet. My kids had so much fun recalling key details from the story. 

This week in science we talked all about matter and how it changes. We added various items to an ice cube tray and recorded what we observed. We came back the next day, after the tray had been in the freezer overnight, and observed how the items changed. We discussed what we saw and recorded our observations.

Finally, I just have to share what my sweet hubby did for my birthday. He surprised me with a candle light dinner that he set up all by himself! I have to tell you, he's got decorating skills for real! 


Sandy Welch said...

I love the shape turkeys-how clever! Your journaling is really fun! I love watching the progress too. Your husband is a sweetie pie! How fun to come home to a candle lit dinner!

Erica Dalley said...

Hi Sandy! Thanks for your encouraging comments! Do you have a blog I can check out? I love blog hopping and I know you have some great ideas :-)

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