Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trying to Stay Organized!

Hello Everyone!

I am stopping by this lovely Wednesday evening to share how I attempt to stay organized during my guided reading time! I am not a naturally organized person but I can't stand not being able to find something when I need it so I force myself to try and stay as organized as possible. This summer I went and bought some plastic storage bins from Walmart and revamped my little guided reading corner…

These little storage bins have been such a life saver and makes it so much easier to stay organized! Each week I put what I am working on with each group in the correct bin and wha-la everything I need is in one place, no more "where did I put that again?" I use the empty drawer space to store manipulative's, sight word flash cards, letter tiles, and other items I may need.  

I also keep these binders in the bins...
I keep a binder for each group. Inside I keep my lesson plans, running records, and notes I take during my small group time. 

Yesterday, while blog hopping I got some really great ideas from Tiffany over at KTeacherTiff and I decided to try her format… We started with a sight word review of words we had previously learned, then we read our book, and finally we practiced building sight words with letter tiles. 

Finally, since this post is about organization, I thought I would share how I attempt to stay organized throughout the week. I bought this nifty storage container and added labels to reflect the days of the week. I do not always get to it but my goal is to have what I need ready to go the Thursday or Friday before the upcoming week and placed in the correct drawer. 

So there you have it, a little glimpse of how I try and stay organized! 

How do you organize your guided reading area? 


Jessica said...

Love it! I am terrible with my organizational skills! I need more storage and labels!


The Teacher Talk

Delyann Hernandez said...

You have such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

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